Google gone

This is a memorible day. Once I use Google to search information for at least 10 times everyday. He’s now finally gone.

Almost each dormate and dormates in the next dormitory just know baidu when I first in this school. But now they believe Google is better then Baidu and they all turned to use Google now. I told them Baidu is only for the guy who know nothing but entertaments and jokes. They just hang around the internet with no purpose.

Something is true from the fact that if you want to find the official information, you have to be more patient to look for it from the result provided by baidu. But Google is different. There is no other explaination for the question why baidu don’t put the most official information on the first place. Because baidu don’t consider you should know facts from origin. It may want you to tell the true or express your opinion upon other opinion. But can it possible to tell the true from this stupit way?

I always in favour of the attitude of Google towards the internet information. The pure information should provide for anyone first because you and me have the right to know what is a thing on earth.

In any case, the good new is you can still access to Google from the domain of HK, called the new Google home. Once upon a time, many and many strong men have devote themselves into this game making a wonderful situation in China with many new technoledge.

Now, is still remain normal when I’m writing this page. Can this address remind you the history of Let’s pray for god and stay together around this site:

One thought on “Google gone”

  1. I am so uncomfortable with the new Google now.
    I am very disappointed for what has happened.
    A free on-line world has gone with Google.

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